Caraway Seeds

Dill / Caraway Seeds

Botanical Name:: Carum Carvi
English Name: Caraway Seeds
Quality :
  • USA Quality (Supreme Quality)
  • Europe Quality (Big Seeds)
  • Singapore Quality 99% Purity
  • Singapore Quality 98% Purity

As mentioned above, caraway is one of the oldest and first spices to be cultivated and used in Europe. Egyptians buried their dead with caraway, as this was thought to protect them against evil spirits and young Greek women used to rub the essential oil obtained from the seeds into their skin to promote a glowing and healthy-looking skin. One of the most popular folk stories that still holds true today is that caraway has powers that stop things or people from going astray or being stolen.

Caraway Seeds Use:

Farmers often gave their animals and fowl caraway seeds in their food to stop them from wandering off or getting lost. And even today, some bird keepers keep a piece of caraway dough in their barns or cages for the same reason. Caraway has always been known as a digestive and as having a beneficial effect on the stomach. Even in Roman times, caraway seeds were chewed on after eating a heavy meal in order to relieve gas, indigestion and any other stomach pains. Caraway is often added to cough medicines as it contains components that ease coughs and bronchitis. Caraway seeds are most popular in central European cooking, and this is reflected in the type of dishes that they are found in.

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