Cumin Seeds – J. Lal Foods Pvt. Ltd. : A Leading Exporter of Spices and Seeds from India.

J. Lal Foods Pvt. Ltd. has spread its wings into the Private Labeling sector as well. Our expertise in the production of spices and herbs has enabled us to be the private labelers for numerous domestic and foreign manufacturers.

We offer Private Label solutions for wholesaler, retail chains, and distributors for international and domestic market.

Private labeling offers our customers exclusive and effective branding of their name to promote customer loyalty while maximizing brand image. Private labeling with J. Lal Foods guarantees the highest quality products available. By procuring only the finest and freshest spices available, we will carefully handle your product from start to finish and provide you with your own distinct final product.

Private Label Benefits

We have Whole Spices, Ground Spices, Oil Seeds, Psyllium Products and Organic Spices ready for your brand, or we can create your own signature recipe.

  • 1. Increase customer loyalty with your own brand.
  • 2. Greater pricing control with superior value.
  • 3. Increase your profit margins.
  • 4. Optimize your label as a premium brand.
  • 5. Deliver bolder, cleaner & more complex flavours.
  • 6. Consistently serving high quality with zero-tolerance.

We have extensive experience in the production of own brands. Contact Us for more details.